a Billion web3 Users

We are on a mission to onboard the next billion users to web3. We simplify web3 applications to make them accessible to everyone. But we can’t make web3 mainstream alone. We need thousands of fiery 
like-minded enthusiasts who will join our movement.

The Four Pillars 
of web3 Adoption

There are many ways to increase web3 adoption.
We want you to focus on four:

- Build user friendly dApps,
- Educate the masses,
- Improve web3 infrastructure &
- Incentivize users with growth campaigns.

The DAO will issue grants & bounties for these endeavours that help us in our mission. So whether you are a dev, marketeer,
or proposal guy, there's ample opportunity
for you to contribute!

Apply for grants or check out the bounties for these four tracks!

Build User-friendly dApps

Let’s face it, currently most dApp experiences are broken.
 Grants will be given to projects and applications that leverage Biconomy to simplify their dApps. We want to see applications built for the mainstream newbies & not just hardcore degens.


Educate The Masses

There’s a lot of misconception & lack of awareness about web3. 
What is it? Why is it important? Most of the current education material is scarier than a calculus infused maths test. Thus, we will give out grants to educational content that simplifies & explains web3 in fun
 and creative ways!


Improve web3 Infrastructure

We are building the multi-chain transaction infrastructure that will power web3. We have big plans and crazy ideas. But we want it
 to be an open-source collaborative effort. So help us build
 the future infrastructure of the internet. Take on bounties,
 float Biconomy improvement proposals, or apply for
 grants for developing public goods.


Community & Partner campaigns

Even after a more intuitive experience, greater awareness & robust infrastructure, humans need a nudge or two to try something new. Thus, we want to reward grants to campaign ideas that can increase the usage of web3 applications in the bicosystem.

Get Involved

There are many ways to contribute to the mission!

... There are a ton of ways to get involved!

Join BiconomyDAO

We believe contributors should be self-sovereign and able to work when, where and how they want, as long as they create high value output. We’re looking for top talent that can take things into their own hands and bring unique value to the DAO.